“Creating a brighter future for children and young people across the world was an ambitious task – fitting for a family trust which seeks to foster ambition and encourage young people in adverse circumstance to achieve their potential” – Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP.

Philanthropy lies at the heart of Chai’s beliefs. Throughout the years he has devoted his time, expertise and finances to charities ranging from Combat Stress to Help the Aged. For more than 10 years, Chai has supported a variety of charities through the activities of the Bright Future Trust.

Bright Future Trust was formed by Chai and his family in 2008 and is a charity focused on delivering improved outcomes for children and young people. Ambitious in its aspirations the charity receives no government or statutory funding.

To date, Bright Future Trust has invested over £2 million in charitable projects, in addition, Chai and his family have donated a further £2.5 million to charitable causes. This investment has helped to provide sustained support to worthwhile causes around the world.

Based here in the UK, Bright Future Trust is international in its scope and impact. Working in the UK, but also in India, Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda and beyond, Bright Future has funded international projects managed by charities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Special Projects Group, Operation Smile and latterly, BBC Media Action and 21st Century Legacy.

The UK organisations supported include the British Olympic Association, Combat Stress, Duke of Edinburgh International Award and the EarlyBird Diabetes Trust.

Dr Chai Patel


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